WOO’s generous commitment has forged a strong link between East and West, not only through employing European perfumers but also through the consumers who are enjoying WOO’s wonderful, handmade products.


WOO was launched in 2012 by social entrepreneur Saskia de Knegt. She has a strong mission to create a positive impact on the lives of one million people within the next 10 years. Her brand concept was simple; bring quality to the lives of people purchasing the products, whilst at the same time benefit the farmers and artisans who create the products. Saskia believes that the best way to achieve this seismic shift is to distribute knowledge to WOO’s production partners. Armed with the right skills and know-how, Saskia firmly believes that they will be able to create prosperous communities and a fulfilling future for themselves. In her own words, “Whether you are considered fortunate or not, nobody in this world has a choice over the economic class into which they are born. My aim is to build a bridge between all social tiers. I want to cross borders to stimulate local economies and empower those born with fewer opportunities. I believe this will give people a real chance to take control of their lives.”


The love and respect at the heart of WOO’s brand also extends to our company culture and the way we do business. In production, we use sustainably sourced ingredients. As an employer, we believe in people and planetary sustainability. We want effective partnerships that lift people up whilst putting out positive energy into the world. “WOO’s dream is not charity, but empowerment” enthuses Saskia. “Simply put, we help people to enrich their own lives by creating authentic handmade products. Our key ingredients are human potential, people power and the raw materials of the earth.”


The opportunity to be involved in the manufacture of authentic products provides WOO’s partners with renewed self-esteem. They develop new skill sets that not only bring them increased prosperity. In some cases this allows people at-risk to stay on their land with their families. WOO has incorporated an exchange model into its business practices which encompasses learning, sharing and giving. An expert in mobilising people and ideas, Saskia says, “this is about self-realisation, growing together, and creating a better world so that we can all enjoy a better quality of life.”