Many hands go into the making of our luxury candles. We use upcycled vodka, wine, spirits and beer bottles. These are filled with the perfect blend of the finest beeswax, vegetable waxes and delicate, sumptuous Swiss perfumes. Our quality ingredients and attention to detail mean that WOO room candles are among the longest lasting available, burning for up to 100 hours. Their calming glow lights up the space around them, as the story behind them will lighten your heart. Every WOO candle is an authentic example of handmade craftsmanship, embodying our love of quality, connection and sharing. Our ethical approach to production has a positive impact on the environment. Additionally we are proud to contribute new skill sets to the communities in which we operate.


“Light tomorrow with today.” - Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Through every step in their production, we bring innovative lifestyle design to life. We create outstanding, handmade, luxury candles from sustainable (recycled and natural) resources. Organised teams collect used bottles for WOO in Vietnam. As active members in our WOO community, our partners become an essential and valuable part of our co-creative process. After another team cleans, cuts and refines the bottles; skills learned in specialised workshops that we organise. The bottles are then sandblasted with our logo by hand.


We knew that the secret to the success of our candles was not only the premium quality of production and paraffin-free beeswax. In addition they have the delicious scents that linger in your room with every burn. To develop our four signature scents, we partnered with a Swiss perfumer. They created an exclusive, exotic range of notes and bouquets that add ambience and atmosphere to any space. Read more about the process and our wonderful fragrances below. To complete the candle-making process, we use the finest quality handmade cotton wicks from Germany.


When we set out to create our candles, we didn’t just want to make any candle. We wanted to create a socially responsible product that would be coveted and bring joy to the life of its owner. In an ongoing journey that took many months to perfect, we sourced, tested and revised our design. Finally, we produced a luxury candle of a very high standard. Today, this dedication to quality is captured in our growing collection of lifestyle products, which include jewellery and textiles. You can find a lucky coin in most of our candles. WOO’s lucky coin is about double happiness, sharing life and caring for each other.


The formula for WOO’s luxury candles is never complete. We believe in continuous improvement by way of testing and upgrading our processes and production techniques. Continually WOO achieves candles of superior quality. At the same time, we also continuously work to optimise the impact of WOO. We love to see how we can positively improve people’s lives through our successful model of local, sustainable enterprise. WOO strives to ensure complete transparency and individual empowerment. We work exclusively with small teams and continually add new partners. The WOO family is expanding all the time.


To source the beeswax for our candles, WOO works directly with associations of local farmers in Vietnam. As clients, we are closely involved in the welfare of our farmers. WOO collaborates in mutually beneficial partnerships that utilise their expertise and ours. By this method we produce premium quality products that are enjoyed around the world. WOO beeswax is melted and filtered with the utmost care. For optimum burn time and performance, we also blend our beeswax with other certified, organic vegetable waxes.


In an era of celebrity scents and glossy marketing, WOO proposes an antidote to the obsession with hype. WOO candles and their beautiful scents are quickly gaining a cult following. Lovers of WOO whisper through wafts of citrus, musk, spice and lemongrass. What started as a craving for a boutique scent has now become a cherished presence in homes across the world. For fans of home fragrances, WOO offers luxury candles, available in four carefully developed alternatives. These have been created exclusively for WOO in collaboration with one of the finest Swiss perfume houses. Never overpowering or intrusive, each subtle, enchanting fragrance cleanses the air and arouses warm feelings to enhance your surroundings for hours. Gentle and calming, our fragrances are perfect for every mood, a delightful scent for every nose.



This perfume-free candle allows the wonderful, natural and delicately subtle scent of beeswax to emanate. This creates an elegant, calm ambience to either lift your spirits on a cold winter morning, or freshen up any summer night.


Based on the unique flora of the orient, this sumptuous bouquet allows you to delve into the aromatic hues of a quiet springtime lagoon, adding a lush, sweet-smelling backdrop to any space.


One part exotic oriental, and one part spicy floral, Treasure is a rich and heady scent for warmth and coziness after a tropical monsoon.


Inspired by the vibrancy of village life, this stunning mélange of floral and musk notes has an unexpected hint of citrus. This will bring a peaceful, glowing property that brings back a sense of earth and grounding.


Like exiting a shower, this fragrance blends fresh and zesty notes of citronella and lemongrass with the distinctive crispness of eucalyptus. Sure to uplift, enliven the senses and make you smile.