WOO cotton comes from several plantations throughout Indonesia, including Sumatra, Java, and East Nusa Tenggara. Our silk cocoons come from West and Central Java. These raw materials are then processed in several yarn factories in West and Central Java.


WOO thin cottons come from a cotton mill in Solo, and our silk from a weaving factory Pekalongan.


Before the fabric is printed, we cure the fabric in a mixture of natural oils and minerals. The process is called TETEL. The curing process is done to strengthen the fabric, open the pores, and get rid of the starch from the yarn. The curing process takes between 5 and 10 days depending on the material, thickness, weaving method and the dye that will be used.


We use indigo, a dye that is processed from the indigo plant. This colorant is like all natural dyes, and relies very much on sunlight to activate the depth of colour. The more sunlight, the more vibrant color. As such, the colour of indigo dyed products is subject to subtle variations depending on the weather. We also use a thiox (thiourea dioxide). It’s an organosulfur acid which is used to strip color from the fabrics to create the logo. The reactive binder of thiox mix also needs sunlight because it is photo-reactive. The more sunlight, the lighter the end result.


First we color the fabric using an indigo powder solution, which is then exposed to direct sunlight to dry the fabric and activate the color. Once the color is activated and the fabric is dry, we apply the thiox paste to strip the colour off. Again we expose it to direct sunlight until the fabric is completely dry and the color is activated. Then we cure the fabric in a water glaze solution. The post printing and curing process takes between 3 and 7 days. The longer the curing process the better. This process ‘locks’ in the colour, so it won’t fade during washing. The fabrics then need to be dried under the sun to activate the glaze. All fabrics are then washed thoroughly to remove colour and glaze residues.


Local women then process the finished fabrics. For the fringes of the textile, workers scour the fabrics by hand and knot it into fringes. They also do the sewing and label attachment.


Made with PASSION, Wear with PRIDE. Each and every WOO fabric is made by hand using natural materials, and a combination of hard work, dedication and love. Stylish and fashionable, WOO fabrics also have a positive impact on the communities that created them so you can wear with pride.