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FEATURED | Impact / 02 Aug 2018

The Importance of Bees

Diana Truong

Have you heard the news? Honey bees are going extinct, at quite an alarming rate. Excessive pesticides don’t help, as well as disease, parasites, and poor weather due to global warming (source).

But what do bees have to do with humans?

Out of 100 crop species that provide people with food, 70% are pollinated by bees (source). These little buggers initiate reproduction among plants, transferring pollen from male parts to female bits.

If bees don’t exist, humans don’t exist.

Less production of food crops will eventually lead to worldwide famine. Hunger and poverty will increase substantially. Freshwater will be scarce. With diminishing food and less water, our species will suffer from starvation and thirst. Within a few hundred years of bee extinction, the human species will die out as well.

We, at Worlds of Opportunities, work with the beekeepers of the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. WOO sources beeswax for our luxury candles and other wax-based goods from the region, which keeps the bee population thriving and provides much needed employment in the area. As our luxury brand grows, these numbers grow…which is great news for our precious bees and for us humans.