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Goods / 08 Sep 2018

WOO Water Bottle: 15 Reasons Why We Use Stainless Steel

Diana Truong

These days, it’s common practice for consumers to tote around reuse-able water bottles in an attempt to reduce the piling, hard-to-degrade plastics in our oceans and landfills. With the many water bottles available on the market – plastic, glass, aluminum and steel – how do you know which one to choose? Below are 15 reasons why WOO chooses steel.


1. Plastic deteriorates within months, especially with hot liquids.
2. It’s harder to wash out bacteria from plastic bottles which create odors.
3. BPA-free plastics have chemicals that act in the same way as BPA.


4. Glass is heavy and less desirable to carry.
5. Glass breaks.


6. Aluminum is designed to look like steel, but do not carry the same quality.
7. Aluminum bottles contain liners to prevent aluminum poisoning, but these liners degrade over time and with use.
8. Aluminum bottles dent easily.
9. Aluminum bottles are often designed with narrow necks which makes cleaning them difficult.


10. Steel has a sleek and beautiful aesthetic.
11. Steel is lightweight.
12. High-quality, food-grade steel lasts forever, cleans really well and is dishwasher-friendly.
13. Steel bottles have an electro-polished interior which keeps the water tasting great and prevents transference of odors.
14. Steel does not react with your beverages.
15. Steel is sustainable, it’s the most recycled material on Earth.