WOO stands for Worlds of Opportunities: a community of global citizens making a difference. Together, we create and facilitate a deeper luxury brand. A luxury brand with a impact and the will to create real change. Not just through experiencing the meticulously crafted products, but also through co-creation, as everyone involved with production benefits.

In Vietnam and Indonesia, our beekeepers, bottle collectors and textile farmers all come together under one umbrella: WOO. We aim to share in this experience of community and want everyone involved to be a part of this social and economic opportunity.

To us, luxury is not simply about what is on the surface. Luxury goes beyond the brand name, and beyond the use or function. To us, luxury represents a solidified community of transparency and caring not just for quality, but also for people.

WOO cares. Do you?


We don’t think in borders or limitations (and we know you don’t either). We connect, share and innovate to create amazing, high quality products that not only enhance your home and lifestyle, but improve the lives of every single person involved in their creation. We aim to connect people globally through our amazing product line, and through the shared vision of making a positive impact for the planet and its people.

We love positive innovation and are constantly searching for new product ideas, partnerships, collaborations and networks. We want individuals and organisations everywhere to connect and be part of the WOO community and share in the joy.

Let’s share. Let’s connect.