Good Works is a Netherlands-based Foundation dedicated to the development of sustainable, socially responsible business solutions for disadvantaged people around the world. Good Works Foundation strives to create substantial impact.

Our consortium-based approach brings together consumers, local civil society organisations, governments, NGOs, companies and private investors to help better the lives of marginalized communities by improving their access to market opportunities and lifting them out of poverty by building their skills.

To us, luxury is not simply about what is on the surface. Luxury goes beyond the brand name, and beyond the use or function. To us, luxury represents a solidified community of transparency and caring not just for quality, but also for people.

What drives us is a strong belief in the power of entrepreneurship to remove barriers and bridge the gap between rich and poor.

Through careful incubation of the right ideas, we can help people to help themselves.


While our approach requires substantial investment, the objective is always to build sustainable business models capable not just of delivering profit, but creating ever more opportunities for those in need.

Good Works Foundation facilitates the establishment of impact oriented projects and small medium enterprises that develop the capacity of disadvantaged people and include them in our lives.

Good Works Foundation stands for impact and will monitor and evaluate its output on a continuous base.

Good Works Foundation has a long term approach to poverty reduction, empowerment and business development and strives to create win-win situations and long term partnerships.


Our ambitious program and broad-based approach to poverty reduction means there are many ways to get involved.

To find out more about the Good Works Foundation and how you can support our various initiatives around the world, please get in touch by sending an email to: [email protected]