WOO stands for Worlds Of Opportunities. We aim to create beautiful products that not only enriches your day, but also improves the quality of life for everyone involved in the creation. Since launching in 2012 we have made it our mission to bring leading experts from the worlds of luxury, design and product development together with expert artisans, farmers, and producers from developing nations. The result is a collection of high end products from a supply chain that ensures transparency and sustainability together with social and economic responsibility.

WOO in the PRESS

Every person has something to offer! Timing & location wise, WOO couldn’t have made a better choice for this first project. According to ABN Amro Vietnam is one country where the economy is growing which makes it quite interesting for Dutch SMEs.

RVO Netherlands

Connect the rich with the people who have less. A gift which gives something good to the world. Nice to give and certainly to get. A candle of pure beeswax with a delicious scent in a recycled bottle is such a wonderful gift. Of WOO (Worlds of Opportunities) because WOO cares. HDC Media Netherlands

No charity, rather just work. “My mission,” she says, “Is to let as many people be a part of our economy  to connect worlds. Charities are good, but do well is better. Elsevier Netherlands